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Regal Sentai Princess Rangers

My favorite scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet *SPOILERS* is when all the Disney Princesses team up to save Ralph from splatting. To me, that looked like a Super Sentai scene with the Princesses as Rangers each with their own skills. So that's what I did!
Spent the last two weeks designing the Disney Princesses that appeared in the film as Rangers with the addition of Kida who somehow always gets left out. I have ideas for villains and mechs and all that, but for now, here's all the Princesses that I did!

Jamie noguchi mulanranger web

Mulan as the Red Dragon Ranger. I imagine her as the leader since she has actual combat training.

Jamie noguchi tianafullweb

Tiana as the Green Frog Ranger.

Jamie noguchi jasmineweb

Jasmine as the Blue Tiger Ranger.

Jamie noguchi pocahontasweb

Pocahontas as the Yellow Raccoon Ranger.

Jamie noguchi pocahontasblueweb

Pocahontas recolored as the Blue Raccoon Ranger. But I guess she can paint with all the colors of the wind or something.

Jamie noguchi meridaweb

Merida as the Green Bear Ranger.

Jamie noguchi moanaweb

Moana as the Red Shark Ranger. Some suggested chicken, but I felt that she needed a water animal. Ray would have worked as well, but I think shark kinda fits her personality and relates to Maui and now you have the song stuck in your head!

Jamie noguchi rapunzelweb

Rapunzel as the Pink Chameleon Ranger. Pink Rangers are historically masters of disguise so this totally works with the chameleon motif. I imagine her changing colors to camouflage in environments and such.

Jamie noguchi snowwhiteweb

Snow white as the Blue Bird Ranger. Yes, I know her name is white, but she wears a deep blue dress all throughout the movie.

Jamie noguchi sleepingbeautyweb

Sleeping Beauty as the Pink Bird Ranger. I imagine there'd be an episode where Snow and Aurora argue over who is the better bird ranger but eventually bond and help each other in the end because they realize they are stronger together and all that stuff.

Jamie noguchi ciderellyweb

Cinderelly as the Blue Mouse Ranger.

Jamie noguchi annaweb

Anna as the Purple Reindeer Ranger.

Jamie noguchi arielweb

Ariel as the Aqua Ranger. She's wearing the "sixth" ranger complete with Tragic Backstory (TM). She was away when Ursula returned and destroyed the kingdom. Triton is lost so Ariel returns to take up the mantel as Queen and fights for justice.

Jamie noguchi elsaweb

Else as the Ice Ranger. She is a queen and already has a Tragic Backstory (TM).

Jamie noguchi belleweb

Belle as the Gold Beast Ranger. Tragic Backstory (TM) time. It turns out that Gaston stabbed the beast with a slow acting poison. The prince, most likely king by this time, eventually dies leaving Belle to defend her little town as Queen.

Jamie noguchi vanellopeweb

Vanellope as the Slaughter Rider. I kinda think Vanellope works better as a Kamen Rider themed hero than a team player. She seems like a loner so she gets to be a Rider.

Jamie noguchi kidaweb

Kida as the Heart of Atlantis Ranger. She's a queen by the end of her movie which is why she gets queen gear.