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Wedding Cake Topper and Centerpieces

This was a super fun commission. A friend of mine wanted a chibi cake topper featuring him, his wife, and their doggo. They also wanted nine clear versions of the cake topper with LEDs for centerpieces. All figures were printed on a Formlabs Form 2 printer. The cake topper is six inches tall and printed in a gray resin which was painted with acrylics while the clear centerpieces are four inches tall and printed in clear resin.

Jamie noguchi vo final

Final piece with touch ups from client! I was so glad that they made it through shipping to the venue all safe and sound!

Jamie noguchi 0

Initial sketch from the client.

Jamie noguchi vo01initialsketch

Initial Zbrush sketch I did to get the layout and placement of the figures along with the base.

Jamie noguchi vo02cleanup

Final Zbrush cleanup. These sculpts were then broken up into pieces and keyed for 3D printing.

Jamie noguchi vo03printingsanding

Even though the Formlabs creates incredibly high detailed prints with almost no stepping, I still had to do quite a lot of cleanup. Lots of sanding and priming and sanding some more.

Jamie noguchi vo4painting

After cleanup and sanding, it's time tp paint!

Jamie noguchi vo06painted

Final paints that I sent off to the wedding venue. The base is a nice stained piece of pine that was milled with the footprint of each figure.

Jamie noguchi vo05clears

Clear versions printed and lit!