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Super Art Fight 10th Anniversary Poster

Poster image for the Super Art Fight 10th anniversary show. Clearly influence by Pacific Rim with an art fight twist. Kinda wanna build a kit of the robot now.

Jamie noguchi saf10th fin

The final image all color corrected and shiny with some nice contrasting flames in the background to help make the robot pop.

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip01

Super sketchy thumbnail drawn at a quarter of the final size. I wanted to ensure there was room for the poster copy and titles.

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip02

Cleaned up pencils. I spent most of my time on this phase. The thumbnail helped me get my layout and proportions where I wanted them. The penciling is where I figure out the details like panel lines and muscle structure.

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip03

Even though this entire piece is digital, I followed a traditional comic process from penciling to inking to coloring. Whether digital or traditional, inking is always my favorite part.

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip04

It felt a little empty so I added in the background rubble. I kept the mech inks fairly open and clean because most of the fun stuff was gonna be done in the coloring.

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip05

Leaned heavily on my anime influence for the mech shading. Nothing like shiny highlights for large metal bots!

Jamie noguchi saf10th wip06

I went a little more painterly with the kaiju. I wanted it to feel more organic and still allow for the inks to shine through.