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Mach Valan

Mascot design for my homie Mike Dent's Twitch channel ( ).

We're gigantic tokusatsu nerds so working with him on this design was a lot of fun. Hope to do more with this guy in the future! Also with Mike.

Jamie noguchi mv colors

The final all shined up and ready for action!

Jamie noguchi mv cellshade

The basic color scheme with some quick cel shading thrown on for good measure.

Jamie noguchi mv cleanup

Cleaned up line art.

Jamie noguchi mvskechies helmsketches

Further helmet refinement. Mike really liked the ear/headphone motif so I kept that element.

Jamie noguchi mvskechies 01b

Mike actually liked the initial over all suit so we zeroed in on the helmet to refine the design.

Jamie noguchi mvskechies 01

It all starts with a sketch. Mike sent over a great mood board for inspiration.